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Held every October, NOLATech Week is the largest free technology conference in the south. NTW curates Marquee events throughout the week, including innovators with a vide variety of expertise. Events include everything from VC pitch competitions, to keynotes and hackathons. Additionally, we encourage community members and other organizations to create their own events during the week, which we then aggregate and add to our schedule.


I’m not a techie, is NOLATech Week for me?

YOU are who NTW was created for. It’s our goal to showcase all of the incredible things going on not only in New Orleans, but across the globe, so you can see how technology will continue to be an ever more prevalent part of your life. We gear events towards the more casual and fun side, so everyone feels welcome and part of an innovative and immersive experience.

Is NOLATech Week just for or about New Orleans?

No. While the week takes place in New Orleans, we feature innovators and new technologies from all over the globe. With that said, New Orleans definitely plays a huge part in the experience. Since events take place all over the city (and no day is complete without at least one happy hour), we focus on utilizing our culture of Art, Film, Food, Music, etc. to innovate in areas that we know a little something about.

What makes NOLATech Week different from other conferences?

Other than most events including a cocktail? NTW is unique, as it’s week of both curated events and events organized by the public. We call them Marquee Events and Community Events. Anyone can submit an event to be added to our week’s calendar, ranging from a keynote to a hackathon. Additionally, NTW curates world-class content throughout the week, culminating in a full day of content on Friday. This allows smaller organizations to meet with national organizations and help learn and grow from people who have been gone through what they have before. Not to mention we know how to party.

What is a Marquee Event?

A Marquee Event is any event that is curated by the NOLATech Week staff. This usually includes world renowned speakers and more global partnerships. These events range anywhere from panels, keynotes, and hackathons, to job fairs, interactive dining experiences, and product launch parties. Traditionally, Marquee Events are also larger in size and scope, than most Community Events.

How can I sponsor a Marquee Event?

A variety of sponsorships opportunities are available. Just click here to find out more.

Do NOLATech Week events cost money?

NOLATech Week is the largest free tech event in the south. With that said, all seats are first come first served. There are different level of tickets available for all Marquee Events, which provide preferred and reserved seating options. While an event may be free, those with “Supporter” and “VIP” tickets have first crack at all seats. As a non-profit, we’re able to make NTW happen through sponsorships, and donors like you. You can learn more here.

Can I create an event?

Yes! In fact, Community Event is the most important part of NOLATech Week. NTW is the largest free tech event in the south–because of you! A Community Event is any event not curated by the NOLATech Week staff. Anyone is free to submit their event to be posted on the NTW calendar. The vast majority of Community Events are free and open to the public. As long as they are fit within the mission of NTW, we don’t discriminate.

Do Community Events cost money?

As long as your event is free and open to the public, Community Events are free to submit, and have listed on the NOLATech Week calendar. If your even charges for admission, it’s not technically a Community Event, but it’s still more than welcome. Please see “Featured Event”.

What are Featured Events?

These events are Community Events, except the organizer charges for admission. While we encourage all events to be free, we understand that in the effort to create spectacular experiences, sometimes part of the expenses must be recouped. In these rare cases, we offer the option to collect admissions through our registration system.

What does an average community event look like?

That’s the beauty of NOLATech Week–there is no such thing as an average event. Whatever you can dream up, is what your event will be. It’s kind of one of those “the more you put in to it, the more you get out of it,” kind of things. We’ve seen that the more imaginative and interesting you make your event, the more likely people will engage with your brand. Additionally, getting on the schedule earlier rather than later, is a huge plus. And then, of course, don’t forget to promote, promote, promote, your event!

How do I create a community event?

It’s simple, just think of how what your business or organization is focusing on? Then use NOLATech Week as a vehicle to achieve that goal, get out your message, or show off your cool new initiative. It could be an event that you were already planning to hold around that time, or a whole new one that you’ve created just for NTW. Have no fear, and have fun with it! Then when you’re ready, you can submit your event here.

What are the five NOLATech Week blocks?

A good way to think of the NTW BLOCKs are as areas of focus, or themes. Every event is categorized one of the five blocks: Social, Business, Culture, Health, Education. Only one event per block can take place the same time as another event of the same category. That is to say that one Health event and different Community event can both start at 2:00pm on a Wednesday, but two Health events cannot. These are the areas of focus that New Orleans is in a unique position to help innovate the most, given our city’s rich history and diverse interests.

I’ve created my event, how do I get my community event on the calendar?

Easily! Just click right here to submit your proposed event.

How do I sponsor NOLATech Week?